The Internet College

The Vision

The Internet College is designed to be a highly innovative knowledge platform that will provide a variety of courses through mentored peer learning to equip learners with employability skills.

Powered by Mathematical Sciences Foundation, The Internet College is a highly innovative knowledge platform that aims:

  • To redefine education as ‘knowledge in action for personal fulfillment’ while engaging with the challenges and needs of the society as a whole.
  • To create job seekers and job creators.
  • To encourage each individual to discover her true calling in life through exposure to practical situations and guided mentorship in each programme
  • To guide students to put into practice their inner and true passion.
  • To encourage and allow the youth to be empowered and enabled through engagement with enjoyable, practical and relevant knowledge that is in harmony with the student’s inner drumbeat.

This shall happen through a creative technology platform that provides for mentored peer-led learning merged with explorations of and adventures into the real world based on experiential knowledge connected to societal needs and challenges.

We will be offering skills like english language, communication, data sciences, technology, humanities and many other such creative disciplines. These skills will be delivered through a democratic medium, both online and offline in a hybrid mode, in order to enable learners to feel more confident and better equipped to deal with real life situations professionally and also personally. At the end of the programme, learners will be well-versed in their particular subject after having engaged thoroughly and comprehensively with their peers and mentors. The Internet College will thus serve as an open platform for the exchange of knowledge, skills and idea for the betterment of society with an emphasis on individual development.

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