Engineering Kitchen

The Purpose

The Engineering Kitchen aims to be a platform for tinkerers, learners, explorers – the makers at heart – to collaborate to build stuff. We aim to make the Kitchen the space for brilliant young minds to acquire skills essential to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in the 21st century.

The Mathematical Sciences Foundation is proud to introduce The Engineering Kitchen – an offering of The Internet College, a makerspace intended to allow community members to experience technology or activities that they previously were not able to access and to then experiment freely. A makerspace (which includes a hackerspace) is an area which provides its patrons with an opportunity to create intellectual and physical materials using resources such as computers, 3-D printers, power tools, electronics, audio and video capture and editing tools, and traditional arts and crafts supplies. It can be used for multiple ventures such as:


  • Cardboard construction
  • Prototyping
  • Woodworking
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Digital fabrication
  • Building bicycles and kinetic machines
  • Textiles and sewing
  • And many more!

In The Engineering Kitchen we aim to provide a platform to allow your imagination to run wild. To create to your hearts content, unconcerned over what needs to be made. Rather its what you WANT to create! The world is your playground and the makerspace is your toyshop.

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