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  1. Please enter your name exactly as you had entered in your OMR sheet on the competition day
    1. Example: If your name is Amit Agarwal but you had written A Agarwal, search as A Agarwal
  2. Leave out dots and spaces after initials – example: if your name is S. S. Rajamouli, search as SS Rajamouli
  3. If you cannot find your result with your FIRSTNAME LASTNAME, try searching without a space
    1. Example, search as ANANDKUMAR
    2. If you still cannot find your score, use the form below to contact us

Your complete details with us are in accordance to the OMR Sheet, in case of any corrections, feel free to contact us.
Part 1 has no negative marking while Part 2 has negative marking. The maximum score possible is 40. Scores below 5 have not been processed for projection.

Our Budding Ramanujans

Information about the winners of the competition – our Budding Ramanujans – would be provided via your school.

Percentile Scores for Benchmarking

Below are the scores at each percentile for each of the two levels (Junior and Senior).

How to benchmark a score?

Assume you are in the Junior level, and have scored 16. From the Junior Level table below, you see that the 95th percentile score is 15. Since your score is in that range, your performance is in the top 5% of all the students that competed in your level.

Junior Level

Percentile Score
99th 21
95th 15
90th 12
85th 10
80th 9
75th 7
70th 6
65th 5

Senior Level

Percentile Score
99th 21
95th 15
90th 13
85th 10
80th 9
75th 8
70th 7
65th 5

And the Winners Are...

Our awesome winners

If you feel that your name should have appeared but it has not, send us a message and we will check for you.