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Sahayog: The Mathematics Laboratory

The Mathematical Sciences Foundation has a vast amount of experience in enabling students to undertake various activities of discovery and creativity for improving their all round abilities related to mathematics. This strengthens their curriculum-based learning and also brings about creativity, better communication and group activity skills.

The Foundation has already had experience in setting up of mathematics labs in schools. The Math Lab aims to achieve appreciation of mathematics by providing students with improved conceptualization. This would introduce a trend of integrating computer technologies with various areas of the mathematics. It would provide powerful desktop computers equipped with several mathematical simulations to provide the students the comfort of performing numerical experiments and simulations at their convenience. We shall make significant use of Information technology and thus students shall also become far more aware of the importance of the role of computers in their lives. Experiments shall be designed and conducted in various ways.

The salient features of a Mathematics lab:
It helps in making clear and in understanding abstract concepts.

It saves teachers time by cutting short certain lengthy explanations.

It helps in developing the habit of verifications in the student. They accept mathematical truths only after testing their validity practically.

It enables the students to apply mathematical facts and principles in actual life.

It would enable the students to learn by practically doing the things and hence enabling them to retain concepts in their mind for longer time.

It would motivate students to explore/discover new concepts in mathematics and related fields. They can also in the process design their own experiments.

The Foundation has the required software, hardware and expertise to design various mathematics experiments, teaching modules and simulations to set up such Math Labs. We will be also be conducting frequent workshops at various schools to train the teachers and the students to make use of this software in their regular curriculum.
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