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Comments of appreciation by participants

"...The course has provided me a great learning experience. ... Learnt new concepts and have been able to build upon many concepts that I knew earlier. Also learnt the importance of many mathematical concepts that I used to take for granted. ... I now feel proud to have a little edge over my colleagues and have also recommended this course to few of my friends... "
- Anurag Jain (Simulation Programme, 2006 – 2007)
"...This was my first experience with a non regular college course and it really improved my mathematical skills.... The faculty is excellent. ...Am thankful to the foundation to introduce such type of course for undergraduates as it gives us real life experience with mathematics... "
- Rohit Mundra (Simulation Programme, 2006 – 2007)
"…yes I did benefit tremendously from the theory classes and the Flash part of our lab sessions.  The projects which we were assigned to do were the best part about the course..."
Sushant Gupta (Simulation Programme, 2006 – 2007)
"...Our projects were the best part.  It really helped us to apply the mathematical concepts to real-world problems.  At least one more project assignment would have been fun to work upon... "
- xx (Simulation Programme, 2003 – 2004)
"...The concept behind the programme is certainly a good one and it also serves its purpose to a great extent introducing the students to some new concepts and thus opening doors for self growth. ... The practical classes and the challenging assignments given were the most interesting parts of the programme... "
- Vageesh Gupta (Simulation Programme, 2003 – 2004)
"...This course has certainly helped me to think. Reason things out and observe the applications of Mathematics in the real world. ... Quality of teaching was good… "
- xx (Simulation Programme, 2003 – 2004)
"...It was reasonably good. ... It was really nice that even the definitions were explained by first giving a motivation for it and then the built up theory was quite practical…"
- Resham Vinayak (Simulation Programme, 2003 – 2004)
"...The quality of the programme is quite satisfactory. The teaching staff is great and there is a good deal of student teacher interaction..."
- Chavi Asrani (Simulation Programme, 2003 – 2004)
"...The programme content is very good. … MSF should continue with the courses and start more courses like these on a larger scale…"
- Niki Chona (Simulation Programme, 2003 – 2004)
"...Highly enriching experience. The sense of direction and knowledge which this programme instills in the students who opt for it could surely not be obtained elsewhere…"
- Aditi Chand (Simulation Programme, 2003 – 2004)
"...Very innovative and informative. The best part was the real world angle of this course…"
- Abhishek Panda (Simulation Programme, 2003 – 2004)
"...The quality of the programme is good and it is well managed… "
- xx (Simulation Programme, 2004 – 2005)
"...The fact that we were taught while working on the computers was a great advantage over class room teaching.  ...We created a new method of Error Correction which is totally original and efficient…"
- Shane D’Mello (Simulation Programme, 2002 – 2003)
"...Definitely different from traditional classroom teaching. ...The programme is not spoon-fed and students are encouraged to learn on their own. (Project: Markov Chains)…"
- Manas Gupta (Simulation Programme, 2002 – 2003)
" ...It is an interactive programme which helps you to come out with creative things rather than spoon feeding you with everything.(Project: Forecasting StockPrices) … "
- Sarah Shikha Thomas (Simulation Programme, 2002 – 2003)
"...Great learning experience and learnt statistics in particular during the course work. ... Helped me hone my skills as a programmer. (Inventory Control)… "
- Saurabh Jain (Simulation Programme, 2002 – 2003)
"...It is definitely better than the usual classroom teaching. After building our basics, we were made to concentrate on the practical applications of what we have learnt. The practical importance of the project made the programme more interesting. (Forecasting Stock Prices) ... "
- Preeti Senwal (Simulation Programme, 2002 – 2003)
"...As compared with traditional classroom teaching this program was far more beneficial as a learning experience.  …everything was done on our own so it was easier to comprehend the things..."
- Tarun Kalra (Simulation Programme, 2002 – 2003)
"...I came to know about Excel’s extra features and was surprised about its simulating power and simplicity... "
- Vikas Sharan (Simulation Programme, 2002 – 2003)
"...Overall, I found the course quite enriching.  The lab classes were interesting and interactive..."
- Natasha Prasad (Simulation Programme, 2002 – 2003)
"...After joining this programme, I got opportunity and encouragement to explore many new fields of mathematics which helped us to come up with a totally new method of solving the project assignment to us... "
- Rajat Velesly (Simulation Programme, 2002 – 2003)
"...I find the mathematics behind the search engine interesting, looking forward to make our own model based on the vector space model etc... "
- Yajur Tuteja (Simulation Programme, 2002 – 2003)
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