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There is hardly any field of human endeavour that has not been profoundly affected by Mathematics. It is imperative for the progress of civil society to lay emphasis on the proper training of its youth – and particularly of its school children – in mathematics. The Foundation is committed to this goal, especially for the children from less privileged or more remote parts of our society. Our work in this direction is currently funded by a generous long-term grant from NASSCOM.
Our work is based on the following two firm beliefs.
  Every child has mathematical ability.  
  The Gandhian premise of education: What you do with your hands enters your heart.  
We are engaged in a wide range of activities, with the following goals:
  Create and disseminate relevant and useful ways of learning mathematics including ‘hands on' experiments, group competitions, and assessment tools.  
  Generate sound programmes that shall train schoolteachers of mathematics.  
  Generate material for learning that shall draw children towards mathematics.  
  Create, through sustained efforts, public awareness and appreciation for the relevance and importance of mathematics.  
  Create specific programmes that carry mathematical knowledge into all geographical regions.  
  Generate greater mathematical insight for school children and teachers by creating interactivity between IT and Mathematics.  
  Provide facilities and opportunities for sustained group activities among school children and schoolteachers.  

Please follow the links below for information on specific programmes:

Mathematics Lab
Workshops for Students
Workshops for Teachers
Learning Modules
Resource Centres
Help Line