Dr. Agarwal
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Appreciation by Participants

  • The programme is very well designed in terms of content & time. The knowledge being passed has surpassed my expectations. The quality of teachers is amazing. - Smriti Sharma (Finance, 2004-2005)

  • The finance course did provide an interesting insight into application of mathematics to equity analysis - the internships were particularly interesting. - Jacob P Jacob (Finance 2002-2003)

  • The programme was assignment and practical oriented and exceeded the qualitative standards in the six-month period including study material. I made use of all aspects of the programme. - Rachit Gehani (Finance 2003-2004)

  • I feel that the programme is highly educating, knowledgeable and gives a wider scope of the topic 'FINANCE'. The quality is perfect, to the point and interesting. The quality of teaching is amazing. I feel our teachers have helped us by increasing our thinking capacity. - Vritika Jain (Finance 2004-2005)

  • The practical inputs were essential and extremely well run! The course content was extremely relevant to my subject. The quality of the programme was high. I gained a lot of knowledge. - Suranjan Banerjee (Finance 2005-2006)

  • I was not clear of what I wanted to do in life, but the Finance course and the ICICI internship did make it clear for me. - Neha Bhargava (Finance 2006-2007)

  • The quality of teaching and reference material were amazing. Within limited time, a lot of syllabus was covered without hampering its quality. - xx (Finance 2006-2007)

  • It is compact and apt for a short term course. I think it was a really educative experience and gave me a perfect flavour of what finance really is. - Nimarata Chugh (Finance 2006-2007)

  • I have gained significant knowledge of finance and statistics which has perhaps given me an upper edge over my contemporaries. - xx (Finance 2006-2007)

  • Not only does it enhance our knowledge concerning the technicalities associated with finance, but also builds our analytical skills. The concepts that we learn can directly be applied in today’s financial world. - Shiv Thukral (Finance 2006 – 07)

  • The Programme in Mathematical Finance…was very well taught and even though I come from a science background, I never had difficulties in understanding the finance concepts. In all, I gained a lot during these 6 months. - Ipsita Arora (Finance 2006 – 07)

  • I used several models and concepts that I learnt in the course during my internship at the Global Investment Division of HSBC, particularly the CAPM and discounted cash flow models. Overall the course was excellently conducted. - Anupriya (Finance 2006 – 07)

  • When I got to know about this course, and then got through the interview, I faced a classic trade off. Doing this course would mean slightly less attention to my graduation and mba preparation. But again, doing the course would mean a valuable add on to my CV and exposure to the real corporate world through the internship… Thinking about the course after the internship, I would say the teachers have done a really good job in the extremely limited time period… - Abhishek Sahay (Finance 2006 – 07)