Dr. Agarwal
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Certified by icici bank

Terms and Conditions
 The student is admitted to the Mathematical Sciences Foundation and not to any University or College. In particular, the Programme in Mathematical Finance is not a degree or a diploma course. On successful completion of the programme, the only certification the student will receive will be issued by the Mathematical Sciences Foundation and ICICI Bank.  
 Internships during the summer vacations will only be available to the best performers and amongst those that have performed well. The internship may be with an organization or institution outside Delhi, and the student may have to make his or her own arrangement for board and lodging as well as travel. No guarantees are given regarding stipend and travel allowance. The decision on who to award internships to and where to, will be a decision of the Course Coordinator and his/her decision will be final.  
 The student shall follow the rules and conditions as set down by MSF.  
 The student shall attend all classes, submit all assignments, and take all examinations as required.

 The fee for the 2010-11programme is Rs 30,000 plus service tax at 10.30%. It is payable in full at the time of taking admission and is non-refundable.  
 Any incomplete application will be rejected.  
 Selection of students for scholarships shall be done by MSF on the basis of candidate's performance in earlier exams, an interview, and the documentation provided by the student of his/her background. The decision of the selection committee as appointed by the MSF will be final.