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Programme in Mathematical Simulation with I.T.
Jointly Certified by MSF and Tata Interactive Services
The Programme in Mathematical Simulation provides an introduction to the exciting interactions between Mathematics, Technology and Education. This programme has its roots in the Mathematics and the Modern World programme that MSF faculty ran from 1995 to 2001 with funding fom the Department of Science & Technology. It takes forward one of the primary aims of the MSF: promoting exciting mathematics-based activities that will take the student beyond the confines of the curriculum. We seek to promote this among all students with an interest in mathematical thought, whatever their background or specialization.
  • Part of the programme consists of foundational classes in basic applied mathematics (Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability) and programming (C++, Matlab, Flash). The remainder consists of Projects carried out by student teams.
  • Internships will be awarded, to those students who fulfill the qualifying criteria, in companies such as Tata Interactive Services (Mumbai) and HeyMath! (Chennai).
TIS is a global leader in the design and development of e- learning tools and products. Set up in 1990, TIS has created learning methodologies and systems that work all over the world. The TIS work force includes software engineers, instructional designers, content developers, visual designers, and animators.
HeyMath! helps students in Grades 5-12 build a strong foundation in Mathematics and become independent learners. Their innovative use of technology has been recommended by the Millennium Mathematics Project of the University of Cambridge.
  • Students will undertake projects in teams mentored by MSF faculty. The projects will blend Mathematics, Technology and Education in various ways.

    Past projects have included Image Compression, Search Engines, Data Encryption, Error-Correcting Codes, Stock Price Modeling, etc. The range of possible projects, as well as the different skills required within each project, will enable you to do something that is interesting and unusual – whatever your background or talent set may be.
  • The programme is self-contained and does not require any prerequisite beyond high school mathematics. No prior knowledge of computer programming is necessary.
Thus, besides showing you some exciting (and unexpected) applications of Mathematics, the Programme in Mathematical Simulation also helps you learn how to work in groups, develops your communication skills, and provides exposure to the corporate world.
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