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Professor Sir Michael Atiyah, FRS, is a leading figure in mathematics today known for his development of K-Theory and his work (Jointly with I.M. Singer) on the Index Theorem. His ideas have had a great impact on mathematics as well as many areas of theoretical Physics
Position held: Professor Atiyah has held many distinguished positions during his career including:
The Savilian Chair of Geometry at Oxford
Professor at the institute for Advanced Study at Princeton
President of the Royal Society and the London Mathematical Society
Master of the Trinity college, Cambridge
Director of the Issac Newton research Institute, Cambridge
He has been elected a foreign member of numerous national academies including that of India

Honours Conferred: He was one of the recipients of the 1966 Fields Medal with I.M. Singer. Professor Atiyah has received the Royal Medal, the De Morgan Medal and the Copley Medal. He was knighted in 1983 and made a member of the Order of Merit in 1992. He has been awarded honorary degrees by several universities including Warwick, St Andrews, Cambridge, Chicago, London, Rutgers and Edinburgh
Publications: Professor Atiyah is the author of Introduction to commutative Algebra (with I.G. MacDonald)K-Theory, both of which are classics of twentieth Century mathematics
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