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Graduate Studies (PhD) Programme
With Full Teaching Fellowships

University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA


Comments of Appreciation by Participants


"...My thesis advisor at the University of Houston was very surprised to know that I did not receive my undergraduate training in mathematics. Having learnt that I received almost all my training in mathematics in one year at the Centre, his words were, "that year did a miracle". This speaks volumes of the dedication and hard work that the faculty at the Centre puts in to motivate and nurture their students."

Saurabh Jain, Computational Mathematics (2003-04)


"… I realize now, as a research student, that we did mathematics in CMS the way one does research… The Life of Mathematics program allowed me to meet many well-known research mathematicians, including a Fields medalist, and my interactions with Henry Helson and Peter Fillmore in my first year fundamentally affected my choice of research area - Functional Analysis…

… I do know that we learned a lot, we were constantly challenged to think, we explored many new ideas and new concepts and rethought some old ones and most importantly for me we made the odd discovery…. "

Mrinal Raghupathi, Pure Mathematics, (2003-04)


"...I myself am working in the finance department of the search giant Google and I owe my success to CMS in ways more than one.

...It was a great learning experience at CMS for one year. In fact, the amount I learned in just one year was probably worth 2 years of hard work and dedication. All the teachers at CMS were really committed and hard working and I did not feel left behind despite being from Physics and not knowing the basic concepts in Real Analysis and Linear Algebra. At MSF, I got a chance to hear Sir Michael Atiyah, honorary professor at the University of Edinburgh and know about his great work on the Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem..."

Aditya Agarwal, Computational Mathematics (2003-04)
2003 Delhi University Topper of B.Sc (Hons.) Physics


" ...The faculty is excellent, experienced and highly devoted. Emphasis is given on the understanding of the subject rather than the normal spoon feeding and this is what makes it different from any other academic institution. Students are encouraged to think rationally and to ask questions which ultimately lead to an overall growth of the individual. 1 year at MSF as a student was the best opportunity I have ever got in my entire academic life."

Charu Sharma, Computational Mathematics (2004-05)


" ... I had a life time experience at CMS. I developed a real interest in Mathematics at CMS. I think it provides a very good platform for students in India to pursue higher studies in Mathematics, which is unique in its own. I was there just for a year and I have learned so much in that time. I think it's a great institute doing a great job and I would really like to do something for this institute."

Upasana Kashyap, Pure Mathematics (2003-04)


"... Before joining CMS I had three years of exposure to mathematics in undergrad but the amount of mathematics that I learnt in that particular year at CMS was far more than what I learnt in those three years and the reason being the teachers over there. The passion in their teaching and the way they were committed to their subject really used to motivate me.  I thank the faculty members for developing that urge to enjoy mathematics with that zeal. Even here at Houston the same is continuing. Professors over here are again so helpful in every sense and so dedicated to their job that it feels to great to be here in this department..."

Meghna Mittal, Pure Mathematics (2004-05)


"... Faculty at ICMS is just excellent, it's as good as any university/institute's faculty around the country, be it IISc or IIT. We are also given the chance to prepare our own topics and teach in the class which was altogether a new experience for me. ICMS is just like a second family to me. Past one year has been the best period of my life. I came here confused about everything but I am leaving this place with confidence and a bright future ahead of me.  Be it faculty, batch mates or let it be the staff, everyone's been there in times of need. In short I would say that ICMS has excellent faculty, appreciable library and awesome atmosphere for studies; which each and every student dreams of and for me the dream has come true. In one word CMS is just “PERFECT"."

Joseph Mathew, Computer Science (2006-07)


" The small class strength ensures that there is no awkwardness to raise a point. Dr. Dinesh Singh is a fantastic motivator who kept on encouraging us to be one step ahead in life. What I liked the most about Dr. Agrawal’s lectures were the presentations he used to ask us to prepare and then present in front of our classmates. It was a great experience for us to prepare our topic from 2-3 books and try to think of the proofs ourselves initially and then see in the books. Dr. Habib encouraged us to think and give answers in the class itself. The special thing about all of the teachers is that they make questions themselves which force us to think instead of looking for solutions. Overall it has been a wonderful experience to study here."

Ankita Jain, Computational Mathematics (2006-07)


"...I enjoyed each and every activity at MSF and found the best place in my academic life so far... I enjoyed the online course in Ordinary Differential Equations by Prof. Jeff Morgan and learnt new mathematical techniques and the latest developments in this field. The assignments and questions in class were really challenging and interesting as most of them were unseen to us and were not from books. So there was no point in looking for solutions in books, rather we had to think and get the solutions. This was a really interesting and exciting experience. Studying here was an amazing experience of my life. I don’t think I could have got anything better somewhere else..."

Pankaj Kumar Singh, Pure Mathematics (2006-07)


"Presentations, assignments, use of mathematical software all helped to refine my knowledge about the subject. The best part was visits by various mathematicians who shared their life experiences with us. Overall I would say this was one of the best experiences of my life, something which gave me a whole new perspective on mathematicians."

Aanchal Aggarwal, Pure Mathematics (2006-07)


"For the first time studying became enjoyable. For three years I’d been taught the ‘Delhi University way’. Despite having some very good teachers the course structure and the classroom environment prevented any mathematical thinking from the students. That was not the case at MSF. Dr. Agrawal assigned various portions of the course to students who had to present it to the rest of the class. Dr. Habib, Dr. Geetha and Dr. Radha gave us assignments containing ‘never seen before’ questions which couldn’t just be copied out of a standard textbook. Dr. Singh often went outside the so-called boundaries of the course to make us familiar with applications. Another new and great feature about this institute was the classroom environment and the interaction between students. Overall it has been a fantastic experience at MSF and I’ve emerged as a better person in the last one year."

Anando Sen, Pure Mathematics (2006-07)


" The rigorous coursework and assignments has kept me happily absorbed for the past year. The atmosphere at CMS, fostered by the faculty, is one of a keen interest not only in mathematics but also in other scientific disciplines. Studying in such an environment was truly an enriching experience. The library at CMS is really quite eclectic and I think that I at least became aware of a lot of things by browsing through the extensive collection of books. The habit of discussing mathematics, which was encouraged, helped me overcome many stumbling blocks in the beginning..."

Aditya Barua, Computer Science (2006-2007)


"...It was while studying in this course that I understood the relationship between mathematics and computer science. It has broadened my horizon by leaps and bounds. I had the opportunity to study under some of the finest teachers in the country. We used to have regular seminars where I had the privilege to meet some of the greatest contemporary mathematicians like Professor Narasimhan and Prof. Waldschmidt. I had a unique experience during an online course on ordinary differential equation under Professor Jeff Morgan. For me, the year gone by has been significant in more ways than one. And I hope that those who have been a part of this year will cherish its memory for years to come..."

Avinash Wesley, Computer Science (2006-07)


"When I look back and remember the student I was before the Graduate Program I would say that I have improved a great deal. I was fortunate to have access to such a wide range of books at the library. The way Dr Habib teaches has been truly motivating and I have been deeply influenced by his problem solving techniques. Overall the faculty has been very encouraging and helped me develop a more independent way of thinking."

Natasha Shilla Sharma, Computational Mathematics (2006-07)


"One of the biggest problems of mathematics is to explain to everyone what it is all about and my professors worked out this problem extremely well. Studying at MSF was a precious opportunity that I’ll cherish for a lifetime. The style and approach of teaching adopted here has guided me to the fantastic world of mathematics. I am very thankful to very renowned and outstanding professors of MSF whose persistent efforts, dedication and extraordinary skills have helped me to become what I am today..."

Charu Hans, Computer Science (2006-07)


"Experience at MSF was great, the teaching style was certainly different than the usual stuff. All the teachers were nice and cooperative... Presently, I am a research assistant working on Adaptive finite element methods, my task at the moment is to develop algorithms to solve some optimal control systems...You get something between $1300-$1700 which is very good..."

Aarti Jajoo, Pure Mathematics(2005-06)


"I thoroughly enjoyed my term in MSF. The rigour with which we were taught seemed overwhelming that time, but now I know I am going to use those knowledge and habits all my life. Best decision I ever took... The department at Houston is very good for anybody interested to doing research in applied maths. We have very strong groups in Computational Maths, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Mathematical Biology... ."

Ajit kumar, Applied Mathematics (2004-05)


"...I learned a lot from the teachers at MSF. I am doing my research and I am a teaching assistant in department of mathematics... The Professors are very nice."

Anushaya Mohapatra, Pure Mathematics (2007-2008)


"At MSF I gained a good understanding of Measure Theory and point-set topology...This department has a strong Dynamical systems research group. There are plenty of opportunities to do applied work as well. ."

Chinmaya Gupta, Applied Mathematics (2005-2006)


"We do rigorous analysis of every problem and spending more time in developing basics at MSF...Houston is a nice place to be, if you want to do a good PhD. There are scientists working in different fields and lot to choose from.I am working in Numerical analysis and Optimization... ."

Harbir Antil, Computational Mathematics (2004-2005)


"MSF taught me how to approach a problem in the right way. Helped me evolve...I am doing Computational Fluid Dynamics. I am a TA for Computer Architecture course that is a 3000 level course. ."

Pallavi Arora, Computational Mathematics (2007-2008)


"I feel quite fortunate to be a part of the mathematics department in Houston. People here are quite professionals and research oriented...I am pursuing my PhD with Prof. Vern Paulsen. I am working in operator theory which involves function theory as well. Right now I am an R.A, but in a regular semester I work as a teaching assistance in which I take labs for Calculus I,II and III. ."

Snehlata, Pure Mathematics (2004-2005)


"MSF gave a much needed rigorous training in mathematics and built a good foundation which has helped me throughout...Studying at Houston has provided a greater platform for research in my area of interest and has also given an opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience.I am doing research in functional analysis... ."

Sonia Sharma, Pure Mathematics (2003-2004)


"One year at MSF helped in building my basic concepts of measure theory, complex analysis and numerical analysis, which I found greatly helpful when I came to Houston. “Greatly helpful” because firstly I could able to clear prelim of complex analysis. Secondly I had an in-depth understanding of all applied courses (dynamical system, differential equation), which would not be possible without having strong background of measure theory. I could able to spend more time there in understanding concepts which helped me to retain things. Overall it was a great experience and learned a lot. At Houston faculty is helpful, motivating. Its very friendly enviornment, they are willing to solve my queries any time. I find it amazing to do mathematics here. In one year I have learned a great deal of material and Realizing each day a lot to learn... ."

Vandana Sharma, Pure Mathematics (2007-2008)


" Last one year spent at MSF has provided me with a solid grounding in Mathematics. I feel that the faculty is great. Dr. Dinesh Singh helped us relate mathematics with our surroundings and taught us how to look at things differently. Dr. Agrawal was a reassuring presence at all times and we could approach him with any problem we had. We were made to deliver lectures regularly which led to a better understanding of the subject. Dr. Habib and Dr. Kanwar Sen made our classes more interesting by citing real life examples. It is a great opportunity for people wanting to study abroad. Since this is a non-commercialized program, students with financial constraints can also take it up."

Swati Chandna, Computer Science (2006-07)