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Graduate Studies (PhD) Programme
With Full Teaching Fellowships

University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA


Important Terms and Conditions

    The student is admitted to the Mathematical Sciences Foundation and not to any university or college. Only on successful completion of the Graduate Studies Programme in Mathematics will the student be entitled to admission to the Master of Science in Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics course offered by the Department of Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA. Admission to University of Houston will be granted in Spring/Fall 2010 only after the student has obtained at least the minimum passing grade, set by the Mathematical Sciences Foundation for the course work in every single course/paper in both semesters that the student shall pursue with the MSF in Delhi. Admission to MSF is granted so that the student shall pursue the Ph.D. degree at the Department of Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics of the University of Houston and in case the student does not pursue his/her PhD at the Department of Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics of the University of Houston, of his/her own free will/choice then he/she may be liable to refund the whole amount received as assistantship/fellowship/scholarship.

    The student is required to take the General GRE by December 2009 and achieve a minimum score of 1100 in the Verbal and Mathematical sections.

    Even though the Mathematical Sciences Foundation shall advise the student in every possible way for the obtaining of a US visa it does not undertake any responsibility for the issuance of a US visa. The obtaining of a US visa is the sole responsibility of the student. The student must ensure that her/his passport is obtained by December 2009.

    The fees for these courses are Rs. 40,000 + service tax. All payments once made are non-refundable. Loans/scholarships for deserving candidates can be arranged (and have been arranged in the past). So please apply if you are interested in research in Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science and think that you have the talent for it.

    The student will have to arrange for the student’s board and lodging during the period of the course in Delhi and in USA.

    Any application that is incomplete will be rejected.

    Selection of students shall be done by the MSF on the basis of a test and an interview.

    All those who wish to apply for this course must contact the MSF immediately. The candidates must ensure that their email Id and phone numbers (with the STD code) are correctly noted by the MSF.