Prof. Singh
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Graduate Studies (PhD) Programme
With Full Teaching Fellowships

University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA
Computer Science


Eligibility: B.A. /B.Sc. degree in Mathematics/Physics/Science or similar backgrounds

Eighth Edition (2010 - 11)
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The Department of Computer Science at University of Houston is engaged in front rank research in some of the highly challenging areas of both theoretical and applied research. It has highly recognised and valued collaborative programmes with medical and other centers all over the USA .

Faculty members of the department include:

    Recipients of the NSF Early Career awards.

    A past President of the IEEE Computer Society.

    Members of the Board of the Computer Research Association.  
  The department's teaching and research fields include artificial intelligence, computer networks, computer graphics and vision, databases, high-performance computing, scientific computing and visualization, software engineering, biocomputing and bioinformatics, and theory. The department maintains state of the art computer equipment and students have access to over 100 workstations and to high performance computing facilities. For more information visit .