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Mathematics in the Modern World
Between 1995 and 2001 the Foundation ran a project sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, aimed at showing the applicability of Mathematics in solving real life problems. The motive was to study important aspects of mathematics and their applications in fields connected with daily life, and to present them to a non-professional audience.
The project made extensive use of computers, especially in the form of interactive programs that allow the viewer the opportunity to work his own way through some of the arguments. It made it possible for the layperson with a modest background in mathematics to understand and appreciate the role, played by mathematics in our everyday lives and in disciplines such as Economics, Physics and Computer Science. It enabled faculty and students to engage in interesting applications- oriented research work, which is extremely relevant in industry and in the corporate sector. The project helped us to spot and nurture enormous talent in related areas.
We have exhibited this work at the annual meetings of the Indian Science Congress held at Calcutta (1995), Delhi (1996), Hyderabad (1998), Chennai (1999) and at IARI, Delhi (2001) and at a science fair held in IIT (Delhi) in 2000.
Under this project we looked at several areas of applied mathematics. Some of the areas looked at were:
RSA and other public (as well as private) key cryptosystems
Error-correcting codes
Image recognition
The Radon transform and its use in computer-aided tomography
The pricing of futures and options and the Black-Scholes theorem
Differential equations and the acoustics of Indian drums and of Horns
Fourier transforms and radio astronomy
Applications of graph theory
The mathematics behind computer graphics
Knot Theory and DNA
Theory of auctions
The Transportation Problem
The Knapsack Problem
Block designs and other combinatorial designs
Acoustics of concert halls
Boolean Algebra with applications to circuit designs
The Arrow's Dictator/Impossibility Theorem
The Gibbard-Satterthwaite Theorem
Squaring a Circle