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This page gives an overview of the major activities of MSF. Please follow the links for more details of individual programmes.


  • Development of Curriculum and Lessons. With the support of NASSCOM, we are engaged in a fifteen year project to redefine the mathematics curriculum and develop e-lessons and testing methodologies.

  • Test Engine. To generate exams of various kinds to help teachers and students in quickly identifying the areas that require attention.

  • Student Workshops. Highly interactive workshops which enable the students to be active participants in the process of doing mathematics and thus create joy in learning.

  • Teacher Workshops. Discussions on methods of problem-solving, mathematical software, key mathematical topics, sequencing of topics, new ideas and developments, teaching methodologies, etc.

  • Resource Centres. Year-long programme under which MSF faculty regularly visit a school and help each child individually to appreciate mathematics through a gentle yet graded approach.

  • Help Line. Free help lines for students appearing in the CBSE Board Examinations in Standards X and XII. Conducted by phone and email, and also extended to call-in programmes on Doordarshan and NDTV.

  • Math Labs. Aims at providing students with improved conceptualization through integrating computer technology with various areas of mathematics.

  • MSF Challenge. A team competition centered on exploring Mathematics through IT.


  • Mathematical Finance. This pioneering programme provides a unique window into the exciting world of modern Finance and its interplay with Mathematics. Created in consultation with leading members of the academic and corporate worlds. The special feature is the combining of conceptual understanding with practical ability.

  • Excel in Corporate Finance. A 15-week online programme that teaches Corporate Finance via MS Excel. Invaluable for anyone seeking a career in the financial sector, investment banks, insurance companies, etc.

  • Excel in Options and Derivatives. Follow-up programme to Excel in Corporate Finance, providing an introduction to the world of financial derivatives and their uses.

  • Mathematical Simulations with I.T. A project-based introduction to the exciting interactions between Mathematics, Technology and Education. It takes forward one of the primary aims of the MSF: promoting exciting mathematics-based activities that will take the student beyond the confines of the curriculum.

  • From a Life of Mathematics. MSF invites leading mathematicians of the world to lecture and interact with students and faculty. A striking aspect of this event is that students interact with our visitors in an extremely informal manner --- over breakfasts, lunches and dinners; or during walks in the city. Our visitors include Sir Michael Atiyah (Fields medalist, past President of the Royal Society), Marie-Francoise Roy (past President of the French Mathematical Society), M S Narasimhan (King Faisal Prize), Henry Helson (Past Chair of the Dept of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley), Martin Golubitsky (Past President of SIAM), Vitali Milman (Landau Prize), and Peter Fillmore (Past President of the Canadian Mathematical Society).

  • Nurture. Reading seminars involving college students in diverse areas like Graph Theory, Game Theory, Group Actions, Topological Groups, Econometrics, Optimization, Encryption, Image Recognition, Spectral Theory for Compact Operators, Applications in Linear Algebra, Stellar Systems, etc.

  • Work & Learn. A summer internship programme that combines study and work, with students learning computer and mathematical skills and employing them on diverse projects ranging from image processing to education technology.


  • We offer a graduate programme in collaboration with the University of Houston, Texas, USA, in the areas of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science. Students who successfully complete one year of studies with us are guaranteed admission with full financial aid to the graduate programme of the University of Houston. Over forty of our students have reached Houston over the past 7 years.



  • The faculty and students associated with MSF are actively involved in research in mathematics. A research monograph, co-authored by a faculty member of the Foundation, has been recently published by Cambridge University Press. Many research papers have been published in leading international journals.


  • Training Programmes. MSF has created training modules for the corporate sector on themes such as Excel in Finance, Excel in the Corporate World, Excel in Statistics, Business Statistics, etc.

  • Consultancies. MSF has carried out various statistics and optimization based consultancies for telemarketers, banks, and real estate investors.

  • Internships. Many of our students have been placed as interns with corporate houses. While these students have gained hands-on experience of the usefulness of their course material, the corporate houses too have benefited from their innovative work.